Quickly and easily add a contextually-relevant map to your website or app, featuring all of the places mentioned in the text of your page. Simply send your text content to to get back GeoJSON that can be passed along to Mapbox or Leaflet to create your map.

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Search Indexing

Building a search engine? Run the text of your documents through and use the GeoJSON response data to create geographic index facets. Those facets can power hierarchical geospatial search and even allow you to visualize search results on a map.


Analyze streaming data feeds of web articles or social media posts, and notify your users anytime a place is mentioned in the text that might be of interest to them. knows the difference between Springfield, MO and Springfield, IL to help you avoid false positives, too.

Example application: Stabilitas Stabilitas logo Stabilitas screen shot

Geospatial Analytics

Fuse information from structured and unstructured data together to produce actionable geospatial insights. Using to derive geospatial coordinates from raw text content provides a new source of data for traditional GIS analysis, or it can help add a geospatial element to traditional text analytics.


Save your users from having to read long, boring documents by using results from to help show them the places and locations mentioned in the text. You could even aggregate this data across multiple documents to summarize entire collections of articles at once!

Example application: Gistbump

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